Limited Edition Sphinx bundle

Any 4 X 100 ML For $369  bundle

Sphinx Cosmetics

Any 4 X 100 ML For $369 bundle

$369.00 USD
Chocolate Citronique

Sphinx Cosmetics

Chocolate Citronique

$139.99 USD
Custom your own Set

Sphinx Cosmetics

Custom your own Set

$59.99 USD

Explore the world of fragrances

Egypt is recognized worldwide as the home of perfume. Today, we pay proper tribute to our heritage by combining rare, precious oils with modern aroma technology to create fragrances that sustain the legacy of Egypt.

Explore the world of fragrances, creating perfume experiences that capture a moment in time, allowing you to appreciate and share it. In creating fine fragrances for people, Sphinx delivers a sensory experience that enriches your life.

To lead the way in creating new and innovative perfumes thathas never been seen before, while taking a step into the future. We are passionate about combining art and science to create luxury fragrances that have pleasurable essence and an irresistible lure that.

We believe in passion and creativity.

Our products are handcrafted with integrity from the rarest and most precious ingredients, we constantly discover new ingredients from around the world, creating original and high quality products, using fine skills of international perfumers to produce all.

At Sphinx, we do not just put our names on our perfumes—we take the time to make sure they're perfect. That is why our products are so popular: because they are crafted by people who really care.

Our team designs every single bottle of perfume with care, pouring their hearts and souls into each one of them. From the ergonomics of the bottle to the luxury atomizer, to the hand carved solid oak/Metal cap - each one different and unique.

Discover Your Scent with the Sphinx Sample Kit

The Sphinx Sample Kit lets you try out various perfumes before purchasing a full size bottle. Perfect for discovering your new signature scent!

The kit includes a variety of perfumes from the Sphinx brand, so you can test out different notes and see which ones you like best. This kit is also perfect for those who are looking for a gift for a loved one or friend.

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